for my beloved son. a tribute to his favorite baseball player, who played a magical last game at yankee stadium last night…

five wonderful summer reads….

bees image

the bees by laline paull
the midnight witch by paula brackston
the conscious parent by shefali tsabary
god of love by mirabai starr
the rise of superman by steven kotler



artwork by jen lemen

intending to soak in summer fun this season (to burn through chronic worry and embrace emerging desires)…


jennifer lopez tribute to celia cruz (at 2013 ama)…

five soulful reads…

heart fire image

tending the heart fire by shiva rea
awakening shakti by sally kempton
the signature of all things by elizabeth gilbert
the invention of wings by sue monk kidd
the lost sisterhood by anne fortier

a water stroll with my beloveds…


nicole daedone on om world…


lalita tripura sundari, hindu goddess of sacred sexuality. she weaves the threads of the cosmic dance: creation, sustenance, dissolution, concealment and revelation. she has become my goddess guide for this year. I bow deeply to her divine expression.

the sky during a local stroll …


misty copeland on her new memoir, life in motion

(and another video about her ballet journey as an african-american woman.)


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